Sophia Esteed (フェイト・ラインゴッド, Sofia Esutīdo) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. She's a childhood friend of Fayt Leingod. She is a 17 year old Earthling. Sophia was born on the orbital colony Moonbase, and then moved to Earth. She is a fairly odd girl, at least for the era Star Ocean 3 takes place in, for she enjoys cooking, cleaning, and basic things traditionally considered "feminine". At the hotel on Hyda IV, she is wearing a costume similar to Olette's costume from Kingdom Hearts II.

Because she is such close friends with Fayt and his parents, as well as her parents and Fayt's parents working together, she is considered a member of the family and refers to Fayt's father and mother as "Uncle Robert" and "Aunty Ryoko". It is of interest to note that in several official sources, she is hinted to be Fayt's potential 'sweetheart' and several private actions within the game reinforce said implications of underlying romance between the two, although oddly enough, their couple ending contains no such hints. Two noteworthy examples are presented on Hyda IV and in Castle Aquaria near the end of the journey.


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edit StoryEdit

Sophia is caught up in the attack on Hyda IV with Fayt. She escapes with Fayt, but they are soon split up by different escape pods. It is then discovered she was captured by the Vendeeni, being a key part in ultimately luring Fayt into the open. Fortunately, the Vendeeni attempt doesn't succeed, it being thwarted at the Kirlsa Training Facility. After being rescued she joins the party on their trip to Moonbase, where, Sophia learns that she, too, was experimented on by Dr. Leingod and Dr. Esteed as a child and given the power of Connection. Sophia uses this power on Styx to allow the party to enter the 4D Space.

edit BattleEdit

Sophia is skilled at Symbology in battle. She does have a weak staff attack if combat at close range is required, but few special moves to complement it. Sophia learns the most Symbology out of every character. Sophia uses all 3 uses for symbology, attack, support, and healing. This is probably due to her "connection" gene. Sophia excells at Symbology but suffers from a slow cast time.

edit EtymologyEdit

"Sophia" means "wisdom" in Greek.

edit GalleryEdit

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