Squarewiki is a Wiki in English focusing on the works of video game developer and publisher Square Co. (now Square Enix), referred within as the Company. There will be articles on every game released by the Company (there are hundreds) as well as the people who created the games. In addition, there will be articles covering the 20+ year history of the Company.


The initial focus of Squarewiki are the works of the Company. However, the wiki may also feature the works of Square Enix.


However, as a rule, we cover only four elements:

Individual game titles. Unique game elements can be covered, except information that can be found in other wikis; creation of these elements will be either redirected or deleted.
Only on the character's characteristics and role. Other elements such as weaponry or skills can be covered, except information that have been covered by other wikis; creation of these elements will be redirected or deleted.
Only on the album. Individual tracks gets redirected or deleted.
About the company and staff. Limited to their role in the company. Other irrelevant facts will be removed.

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