Super Mario RPG
Super Mario RPG SNES Cover

Developer(s) Square
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s)
Genre Role-playing
Game modes Single-player
Platform(s) Super Nintendo

Super Mario RPG (ス ー パ ー マ リ オ RPG Sūpā Mario ĀruPīJī?), Is a video game with hybrid characteristics between those of an RPG and those of a classic platformer in 3D. Developed and produced by Square (now Square Enix) and Nintendo , it was released in Japan on March 9, 1996 and in North America on May 13 of that year. Both Nintendo that Square have never developed a PAL version, but the game was released in Europe on Wii Virtual Console on August 22, 2008 during the third Hanabi Festival.


The game starts with Mario that goes into Bowser's castle to rescue the kidnapped Princess Toadstool from the latter. During the battle, however, a giant sword, falling from the sky, striking the castle by flying Mario, Bowser and Princess Toadstool in different directions. Mario still manages to return to the Mushroom Kingdom, where the chancellor invited him to go find the princess and then to identify the reason for which the sword has fallen into the realm.

So Mario part from the mushroom kingdom in the company of his new friend to help him recover Mallow Coin Frog had been stolen. On his return, however, is the kingdom at the mercy of strange creatures that belong to the gang of Smithy. After being defeated, Mario finds a strange star and brings with it, hoping to better understand what is on the trip.

During the search of the princess the two encounter a strange doll from Geno name possessed by the spirit of a star. This strange character explains to Mario that he found the star is part of the Star Road where he resides. Geno has the daunting task of recovering all the pieces that are now in the hands of the Smithy Gang Turkey to repair. Mario decides to help his new friend in his mission.

During the journey with Mario encounters Bowser intention to reorganize its forces in order to regain possession of the Castle of Koopa occupied by Smithy, after some doubts but having understood to have a common goal with Mario, Bowser decides for the first time to collaborate with his bitter rival.

Rescued from the clutches of Booster, who wanted to marry her, even Princess Toadstool joins the stars of the research.

When the group has recovered most of the stars it becomes aware that the latter is housed in the castle which once belonged to Bowser. Recativisi discover that the giant sword is nothing but a link portal between the kingdom of the fungi and the Smithy factory. Reached defeat him restoring the Star Road.


In Super Mario RPG Mario, Bowser, Princess Toadstool, Mallow and Geno fight as allies in the first game of the Mario series role. This game contains many common particulars to other RPG produced by Square as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy with a basic story and gameplay based on the Super Mario series

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