Taito Legends (game)
Taito Legends

Developer(s) Taito Corporation
Empire Interactive
Atomic Planet Entertainment
Publisher(s) SEGA
Release date(s)
Genre Compilation
Game modes Single-player, multiplayer
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC

Taito Legends is a collection of 29 arcade games released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC in October 2005. The games were originally developed by Taito Corporation. The European version was released by Empire Interactive, which was licensed for the game developed by Taito. The version for North and South America has been published by SEGA, although it is not mentioned anywhere on the CD-ROM. Similar collections were previously commercialized by Taito in Japan under the names of Taito Memories Vol. 1, Taito Memories Vol. 2, Taito Memories Vol. 2, Taito Memories 2 Vol 1 (タ イ ト ー メ ン リ ー ズ 2 上 巻 Taitō Memorīzu 2 Joukan) e Taito Memories 2 Vol. 2 (タ イ ト ー メ ン ト ー 2 2 下 巻 Taitō Memorīzu 2 Gekan); The first two were made in 2005, while the last two were made in 2007.

The games in this collection are emulations of their respective arcade originals, however, there is lack of software support for the Laser Gun in Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, and Space Gun.

Additional features include interviews with some of the game designers and copies of original advertising flyers.

Two games were marketed:Taito Legends 2 for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC and the exclusive for the PSP Taito Legends Power-Up.


Taito Legends includes these games:

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