The Final Fantasy Legend

Developer(s) Square
Publisher(s) Square
Release date(s)
Genre Role-playing
Game modes Single-player
Platform(s) Game Boy, WonderSwan Color, mobile phones, Android

The Final Fantasy Legend (Makai Toushi SaGa in Japan) is the first game in the SaGa series and developed by Square. Released in 1989, it was the first RPG ever released for the Game Boy. In 2002, it was re-released exclusively in Japan for the WonderSwan with added cutscenes.



Cover Art for the WonderSwan version


At the beginning of the game, players create their initial character to lead the party. This character will be the strongest statistically and will begin with a strong weapon, but once chosen, the selection cannot be undone. They are given a choice of three races:

  • Humans - Humans cannot learn any abilities or use magic books. Instead, they have the most equipment slots allowing them to equip a wide variety of weapons and armor. Humans only grow stronger by using stat upgrading items sold in shops to increase their stats. As they have no natural defense and must rely on their armor as well, Humans are the most expensive units to recruit.
  • Mutants (called Espers in the Japanese version) - Mutants grow stronger with each battle, obtaining random stat boosts at the end of the battle. They also may learn or forget abilities, up to a total of four abilities being available to learn. Magic potency is determined by a character's Mana stat; since this can develop in a Mutant more readily than a Human, Mutants can use the various magic books found throughout the game. Mutants are limited to four equipment slots, but can still use the full range of items. They can be cheaper to recruit than Humans, though much will depend on how they develop. As they evolve, their Def may also increase; thus they may be able to survive with only one or two pieces of armor.
  • Monsters - Monsters get stronger as the party defeats other monsters. At the end of each battle, one monster may drop its meat, which any of the party's monsters can eat. The meat may transform the monster from one genus to another; and depending on the source of the meat, it may make the monster stronger or weaker while granting abilities present to that genus (e.g. a Werebeast-type eats a Ghoul-type and becomes a Ghost-type). They cannot equip items at all, but their abilities will recover upon resting at an inn.


Original WorldEdit

In the future, the world is being destroyed by the Pureland water entity, and a band of rebels have gathered to avert this disaster. Their leader, Borgin, has sent three children back in time to the present in the hopes altering the future.

The game begins in the present with Arthur, Curtis, Gloria, and Myron all engaged in a fight using the Battle Simulator, a huge device which simulates actual battles (including the spoils earned from them) with less risk than real battles. After the battle is over, Myron leaves and the remaining three go and talk with the Elder of Dharm about their mission, which for the time being is to travel to the town of Elan and talk to Cronos about the Talon units. Units are devices that are installed into the futuristic fighter called the Talon, which can travel to the past, present, and future, once the proper units have been found and installed. The first key item Arthur received is the Radar, which detects the number of units that remain uncollected in the current time period.

While talking to Elder in the Palace, the party is joined by Sharon and Myron. Upon reaching Elan, Cronos gives Arthur the Past unit, allowing the party to travel into the past. On the way back to the Palace where the Talon is held, the party is attacked by a WaterHag guarding the entrance to the Palace. Working for the Masters. Before boarding the Talon, Myron leaves the party to go protect Dharm. The Past unit is then attached, and the party is off to the past.

In the past, the party encounters the younger Elder, who is looking for a place to build a town. Arthur recommends to build one east of the Palace, and the Elder agrees and decides to name the town Dharm. The party then travels to Elan, and they find the young Cronos who informs them that Granny went to a cave to rescue a young girl named Lara. Naturally, it is now Arthur's duty to go to the cave and rescue both of them. Granny is found not that far into the cave, and she tells Arthur that Lara was taken by Dogra, and she leaves the rescue up to him. When the party encounters Lara, she's being controlled by Dogra and attacks them. After defeating her, she regains control of her body and joins the party. Deeper in the cave lies Dogra, who mistakes Arthur for Borgin and attacks.

After Dogra is killed, the party finds the Rover unit, which is an engine type for the Talon. Upon returning to Elan, Granny instructs Arthur to return to the present and bring Lara to the Elder. She also gives Arthur the Dive spell, which will allow him to dive under the oceans and explore further places. In the past there is also a town, Lae, where people are being infected with a disease that is slowly turning them into WaterHags. One of the diseased people will give Arthur the Flushex unit, which, when installed into the Talon, will allow the player to reset any character's class to the default. A second town, under the ocean, can be visited and also holds the Ifram seed.

Back in the present, Arthur takes Lara to the Elder, who will keep watch on her. He then tells Arthur that Cronos has found something. In Elan, Cronos tells Arthur that he has found out where the Future unit is located. Suddenly, the ground starts shaking and somebody runs in saying that something is happening in Lae's Bay. Cronos and Arthur go outside and find a structure rising from the water, and Cronos tells Arthur that one of the four Water Entity monsters, Chaos is behind this. They both return to Elan and Cronos gives the player a copy of the key to the South Tower. At the top of South Tower, the party runs into Ashura, and Arthur demands that it return the units. Ashura, however, had already moved them to Castle of Chaos, and a battle ensues. Upon defeating Ashura, Arthur finds the key to Castle of Chaos. At the top of the castle the party encounters Chaos, and they fight and defeat him. After defeating Chaos, Arthur finds the Future and Hover units. Upon returning to the Talon, Arthur than warps to the Future.

Fifteen years have passed. The future is a world mostly of water, with a few islands remaining. Arthur first travels to Elan and finds Granny now on her death bed. She gives Arthur the Morph spell and tells him to travel to the mutated city of Muu. Dharm has sunken bellow the water and a new town has been founded named New Dharm, told by the Ifram Tree where it is hidden below a cemetery. Elan, however, is unaffected. At a base in New Dharm, the party runs back into Myron, who has aged and become an even more accomplished fighter. He tells Arthur the password for the base in the technological Viper City, "ERAUQS" ("SQUARE" backwards). At the base in Viper, the party joins up with Dion, who has grown and urges Arthur to defeat Maitreya. He also mentions going to see Dr. Pulcer in an Undersea Shelter. When Arthur meets Dr. Pulcer, he tells him of the plan to get to Floatland.

After using the Rocket to get to Floatland, Arthur journeys along the mountains and valleys atop it. Along the way the party comes across the Northern Ruins, and inside they find the Remote. Pass the ruins is a huge mountain, atop which is Maitreya's Tower. Partway to the top of the tower, a monster will block the path, and Arthur will tackle it, falling down a floor and becoming separated from Dion. Dion then finds a hidden door and confronts Maitreya by himself, but is defeated. Arthur then rushes in to find Dion wounded, and attacks Maitreya. After defeating Maitreya, Arthur finds the X-Plane unit and takes Dion back to the base of the mountain, where Arthur calls Dr. Pulcer on the Radio. Dr. Pulcer destroys the Palace, freeing the Talon for use. Calling the Talon with the Remote and after boarding the Talon, Arthur takes Dion back to Viper City to get Dr. Belski to help him. Dr. Belski restore Dion, rejoins the party, and they head off to the Pureland aboard the ship.


[Can also call it Allusion or Connection if it's in a series]

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