Threads of Fate

Threads of Fate, known as Dewprism (デュープリズム, Dyūpurizumu) in Japan, is a single-player action role-playing game for the PlayStation, developed and published by Square Co. The game tells the story of two characters, Rue and Mint, and their crossing of paths due to their desire for a mystical object known only as the Relic. The setting is the quiet fishing village of Carona.

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  • Japan - October 10, 1999
  • North America - July 18, 2000
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  • North America - April 19, 2011.


The story revolves around two protagonists, Rue and Mint. Both desire the Relic for different reasons; Rue wants to revive his dead friend Claire who was killed in a confrontation with a mysterious man, while Mint, a princess, wants to reclaim her right to the throne from her sister Maya and conquer the world.


  • Rue - A mysterious and amnesiac young man, who journeys to find the relic after his friend and caretaker Claire is killed. He is kind and reliable, always willing to help those around him. He fights with an axe-type of weapon, and can also transform into various monsters after defeating them.
  • Mint - Princess of East Haven Kingdom who was removed of her right to the throne due to her brashness. She is arrogant and bold, doing whatever it takes to reach her objectives. She fights with magical rings, and is also very proficient in casting various types of magic.
  • Claire - A kind-hearted young lady who took Rue in and cared for him. Rue spends the remainder of the game trying to locate the relic, which is able to revive Claire, after she is killed.
  • Maya - Mint's older sister and current heir to the throne of East Haven Kingdom. She is very skilled in magic, and also possesses the Book of Cosmos, a powerful Relic.
  • Dr. Klaus - A local archaeologist searching for Relics. Rue and Mint go to him frequently for help in deciphering found objects or artifacts. He resides in Carona with wife Mira and daughter Elena.
  • Rod - A nomadic blacksmith that devotes his life into crafting the best weapons in the world. He can be challenged by the main character in a friendly brawl, using various different types of weapons and fighting styles. He camps out with his dog Johnny Wolf in Grassy Field on the outskirts of Carona.
  • Blood and Smokey - Two ruffians that reside near Carona, who are known for being ruthless thieves. They challenge the main character for fights many times during the game.
  • Duke and Belle - A pair of mercenaries who are also looking for the Relic. Duke is an honorable and powerful fighter who sees in Rue a rival, while Belle is a brash and bossy woman originated from a wealthy family, that is always ordering Duke around.
  • Fancy Mel - An odd magician living just outside Carona in her atelier. She altered the land around her home to a whimsical appearance of pastel colors, stars, and oversized mushrooms. She commands a legion of gnome-like creatures, called Poppel Purrels, that help her around her atelier, and that are willing to "play games" with the main characters.
  • Prima Doll - After obtaining the Cube, Rue brings it to Dr. Klaus, who opens it and finds a little boy inside. The boy is a doll made by the Great Magician Elroy as the key to open the ruins of Valen, where his relic lies in.
  • Doll Master - An aid to Princess Maya in East Haven Kingdom. He has a sinister side to him and uses his position and command over Mode Master, Trap Master, and Psycho Master to cause trouble for the main characters, especially Rue.
  • Valen - A powerful Aeon - a mystical being with incredible powers that can bend time and space - and the creator of the Relic Rue and Mint are searching for.


"Fulfilling duties for the sake of others is important at times. However, if you become bound by your duties, you will be nothing but a puppet." - the dragon Wylaf

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