Treasure of Rudra (ルドラの秘宝 Rudora no Hihō?) is a role-playing video game released by Square in 1996, and among the last they developed for the Nintendo Super Famicom.

The plot incorporates flavors from Indian religions, centrally the concept of the wheel of time - every 4000 years the world is destroyed and recreated by a Rudra - the name taken from an aspect of the Hindu god of destruction, Shiva. With several races of beings already eradicated and replaced, the story takes place during the final 15 days before humans are scheduled to be wiped out as well. While gameplay in many respects follows the traditional Square RPG model similar to the better known Final Fantasy series, Rudra no Hihō is best known for its innovative magic system, where 'spells' are freely constructed according to katakana spelling. Rudra no Hihō was never localized outside of Japan; it was released late in the life of the Super Famicom, and western video game developers were already gearing up for newer systems such as the Sony PlayStation, however fan translations have been done.


The first three characters have their own scenario. The final scenario unites them all, similar to Dragon Quest IV.

  • Sion - a soldier of Cryunne Castle who lives with his brother Doug in the town of Vad.
  • Riza - a woman on a mission to purify the Earth, as her mother did.
  • Surlent - a man working with Dr. Muench, who has discovered a strange symbol on the recently discovered Lago Stone that might be a clue to the impending apocalypse.
  • Dune - a thief who travels the world over with his companion Cid seeking glorious treasures.

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