Valendia is a city-state in Vagrant Story. It was founded 1,500 years Before Graylands Incident (BGI) by King Nalzarc the First. For 1,200 years the House Nalzarc continued to rule the kingdom peacefully, until the power shifts to the Regency of Gurunas. Under the regency, Valendia suffered as corrupt politicians of House Gurunas squandered over resources and practiced cronyism and nepotism. Other noble houses could only watch helplessly as corruption and misery spread across the kingdom, wishing that rule be returned to House Nalzarc.

36 years BGI, the noble houses banded together, sparking the Valendian Civil War. It is during this war that House Bardorba rose to prominence for helping House Nalzarc and the other noble houses win against House Gurunas 2 years into the war. The government then shifts from despotic monarchy to constitutional monarchy, with the Valendian National Council, or Parliament, formed to assist the King. Valendia was known as the New Valendian Kingdom. House Bardorba became a strong and influential voice in the rulings of the Parliament.

The kingdom's capital city is Valnain, an elegant Parisian city where the King's Palace, the Parliament building and the Valendia Knights of the Peace, or VKP, headquarters are located.

The GraylandsEdit


Duke Bardorba's residence in flames.

A city where Duke Bardorba's second residence is located. It takes one hour to reach here from Valnain by carriage. The Duke's residence is the highest structure in the Graylands. It is here that Ashley Riot, a Riskbreaker, encounters Sydney Losstarot, the cult's leader for the first time to learn of the city Leá Monde.

Sent to the Graylands after receiving the reports on Müllenkamp cult's siege on Duke Bardorba's manor, Ashley and Callo discovers that the Iocus priesthood militia, the Crimson Blades, had moved on their own without the approval of the VKP. Their aim was to capture Sydney, leader of the cult. Ashley meets Callo at their rendezvous point in the forest outside the Graylands, secretly watching the activities in the manor's tower from faraway.

Earlier, Duke Bardorba had ordered one of his servants to wear a Crimson Blade guise and burn everyone inside the manor. Ashley, unaware of this, moves in the manor catches fire. Dispatching a few cultists, Ashley encounters Sydney, who summoned a Wyvern to delay the Riskbreaker and allow his escape. The sighting of the Wyvern, a creature uncommon in those days, went into the reports of the VKP soon after the incident.

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