The Valendia Knights of the Peace, also known by its acronym VKP, is an organization in Vagrant Story. They are directly under the command of Valendia National Council, working night and day to keep the peace of the land.

The VKP is divided into several groups according to duties performed. In the game, three groups are documented; the Kingsguard - responsible for the safety of nobles, Inquisitors - tasked for interrogating criminals and investigating crimes, and Riskbreakers, callsign for the Dangerous Criminal Task Force that clamps down on serious crimes that threaten to undermine the security of the entire society or major incidents involving state secrets. Riskbreakers have the so-called "license to kill" criminals when circumstances demand.


Ashley RiotEdit

The protagonist and player character, Ashley is a member of the Valendia Knights of the Peace, commonly referred to as the VKP even in the game. After the murder of his wife and son, he transferred into the elite Dangerous Criminal Task Force (or "Riskbreakers"), where he becomes known for quickly and efficiently completing all missions given to him.

Callo MerloseEdit

Callo is a member of the VKP’s Information Analysis Unit, a team specializing in the collection of information, espionage, and analysis, sifting through tangible and intangible evidence for information that can help in criminal investigations.

Jan RosencrantzEdit

Another Riskbreaker dispatched by the VKP to support Ashley, Rosencrantz went directly from Duke Bardorba's manor to Lea Monde. Having secretly researched Lea Monde, he would of course have more information on Sydney and Mullenkamp, as well as on Sydney's "powers," than Ashley.

Steward LeSaitEdit

Commander of the Valendian Knights of the Peace. A sullen man with slick, combed-back gray hair, LeSait leads the VKP, following the Valendia Parliament's wishes. He carries a calm demeanor, though it could be because the Parliament is always breathing on his neck all the time.

Inquisitor HeldrichtEdit

One of the Head Inquisitors of the VKP. An sullen blonde with a taste for cigarettes, Inquisitor Heldricht supervises the activities of Inquisitors and assigns them to any mission as according to the wishes of LeSait.

Unnamed Bald ManEdit

An unknown figure in the VKP, who Ashley saw had participated in his meeting with the VKP. A plump man with a knack to burst in rage at any moment, this man had quite a distaste in cults and faiths.

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