"Any time, Anywhere."

Volt from The Bouncer

Volt Krueger is a playable protagonist from The Bouncer.

S Rank (Max) StatsEdit

225 Life

210 Power

180 Defense

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 27

Height: 6'4"

Fighting Style: A professional wrestling style that makes use of his massive size.

A bouncer at Fate. For some reason, he is very well-informed about the Mikado Group. Though he has a quiet demeanor, Volt's size, strength, and distinct facial piercings instill fear in most people.


"Boy A: Dammit! We've been had!!
Boy B: I told you! We shouldn't have pushed it when he was away...
Man: Give it up. As long as he isn't around, you little brats are nothin'.
A Voice: You're right about that.
Boy B: V-Volt!
—5 years ago

Prior to his employment in the ranks of Mikado, Volt was the head of a street gang in Edge. After a small scale turf battle which his younger members started, he was then praised and lauded by the rival mafia boss for having easily defeated his strongest thug, like "a dog mauling on a helpless rag doll", and offered Volt a "job", where he would promise to lay off Volt's turf should he do it. The target in question was Master Mikado of the Mikado Group himself, and during an opportune moment, Volt made his way through Mikado's bodyguards as if they were nothing. Undaunted and staring into the face of his assailant, Mikado appeared to have gained Volt's attention and respect, ultimately swaying Volt to his ranks.

During his tenure at Mikado Group Security, Volt had also met leading Mikado agent Aena Paula, otherwise known by her code name, Echinda. Though he rose up to be one of Mikado's most loyal and dedicated bodyguards, living in Volt's shadow made Echinda feel insecure and deeply jealous. Her resentment became even stronger after he refused to partake in a duel with her, as it was against his own principles to ever raise his hand against a woman.

Volt was crushed upon hearing the news of Master Mikado's murder, which happened a few years after he began his employment at Mikado. Upset at Echinda for having been his bodyguard at the time, she callously and sarcastically expressed how she could not have protected him for not being as strong as Volt. Mystified at her gestures, she would cross the line even further, framing Volt for Master Mikado's murder and ordering security to gun him down.

Washing up on shore, Volt would be found and taken care of by Boss, knowing of Edge's civil services and their ties to Mikado's own influence, and having had just as a wild youth as the wounded Volt. Having recovered since his incident, Boss then offered Volt a bouncer job at FATE. Accepting his offer, Boss also suggested piercings to help cover up Volt's noticeable wounds, to deter unwarranted attention and give him his notable look.

The Bouncer storyline Edit

It was during the night of Sion's first year as a bouncer. He was the first one watching over the Fate bar and noticed the bizarre weather at Edge. At around 10:00, he informed Sion it was time for shift, but Mikado's special forces invaded the place. He recognized them right away, and Dominique was abducted. After agreeing to go to Mikado with Sion and Kou, he became their personal informant. He dealt with his archrival Echidna once on the train and even stole an Air-Carrier from a startled pilot. By the time they crash landed, Volt suspected Mugetsu would show up. He did, and he was very disappointed that his mind was messed up as a result of their experiments. He then recognized Dauragon and he fought him. When he won, Dauragon was surprised he was still alive, much like Echidna. He vows to defeat him to avenge Master Mikado's death.

While he was separated from his allies, he found a headline stating of the massacre. It proved that Echidna was the one responsible for everything that transpired all these years ago. He reunites with Dominique and his companions after defeating Mugetsu again. And after witnessing Dominique's transformation, he informs the team that she was Dauragon's dead sister. The android was a result of his obsession on bringing her a new life to control the satellite, instead of reviving the real one. He realizes that Sion and Dominique both care and need each other, and that drove Sion to press on. When he met Echidna a second time, he refuses to fight her. But since they had to make it to the Galeos, he does and wins. She reveals she was the culprit on killing Mikado's predecessor, and having Volt to take the blame, but he decides to spare her and to let her lead a normal life. He uses another Air-Carrier after she wishes to have a rematch with him. He defeats Mugetsu and he gets incinerated by the Galeos' boosters. He fights the panther which was revealed to be Sion's childhood friend, Kaldea. Lastly, he defeats Dauragon multiple times avenging Mikado's death and redeeming himself at last.

In the ending, he decides to hire Echidna as a new bouncer for Fate, and it was believed that they have reconciled their differences.

Game InfoEdit

Volt is the slowest and strongest of the three protagonists, and specializes in throws. Most of his specials are unblockable, and some can be used against airborne or downed opponents. However, he needs a lot of space to use some of his throws, which will be interrupted if he hits a wall.


  • Volt bears a resemblance to Zell Dincht.
  • The design on his leather jacket has a NO sign and a Cactuar on it; a small tribute to the monster in the Final Fantasy series.



The Bouncer Soundtrack - Volt Krueger's Theme

The Bouncer Soundtrack - Volt Krueger's Theme