Wong from The Bouncer

Wong Leung is a character from The Bouncer.

S Rank (Max) StatsEdit

180 Life

225 Power

180 Defense

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Fighting Style: Open-palm Dragon Prayer


Wong Leung was the martial artist responsible for adopting and training Sion Barzhad, who he found wandering the streets as a young man. He also passed his knowledge of martial arts on to Dauragon C. Mikado, but he took it upon himself to stop his former pupil when he learned what Dauragon planned to do with his weaponized satellite. Dauragon, however, had become a better fighter than his mentor and fatally wounded him during their duel. With his dying breath, Wong asked Sion to forgive him and urged him to stop Dauragon.

Game InfoEdit

Wong can be unlocked by using someone other than Sion in Stage 9 of Story Mode and the battle with Kaldea on the Galeos, then defeating him in the flashback sequence during the ending.

Wong is slow and fragile, but has great power in his attacks. In addition to being unblockable, his Silent Exploder is the most damaging move in the game, and can potentially knock out multiple enemies at once if it launches them into a corner of the arena.

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