Xemnas Days
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts II
Origin Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Home World
Katakana ゼムナス
Romaji Zemunasu
English Voice
Paul St. Peter
Japanese Voice
Norio Wakamoto

Xemnas,[1] is Xehanort's Nobody via Terra-Xehanort's body, Rank I within Organization XIII, and the ruler of The World That Never Was. He is the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and one of the main antagonists of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

As the oldest of the Nobodies, Xemnas wields the power of nothingness, and channels this into his weapons, red blades of energy called Ethereal Blades, which extend from the palms of his hands. He commands the Sorcerer Nobodies. As the superior, Xemnas is the first member and founder of Organization XIII, with all other Nobodies under his control. He is able to manipulate Sora, Roxas, and Xion to use the Keyblade's power for himself. He also appears to be the most powerful, so much that even Marluxia would not dare to face him in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Despite his original name being Xehanort, he uses an anagram of his mentor Ansem the Wise's name due to Xehanort stealing the name prior to discarding his heart and body. Xemnas is a playable character in the Mission Mode of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


'Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days' Edit

Here, as soon as Roxas joins Organization, Xemnas decides to use it to release the hearts of Heartless Kingdom Hearts to power. Xemnas then creates Xion, a replica that he hoped to use instead of Roxas if these had proved useless for his plan, and intruduce young girl in the Organization as a Number XIV .
Xemnas Xion threatens to destroy it and create in its place another copy if she did not obey him.
Following the leader decides to extend its operations to the Castle Oblivion and then send 5 members on a mission over there: Marluxia, Larxen, Vexen, Lexaeus and Zexion.
Marluxia relies on the command of the castle and orders him to lead there to experience it Sora, Vexen also entrusts the task of making even experiments on replicas out there. However, Xemnas learns from a Similar that Marluxia and Larxen were conspiring against the organization and then sends Axel to stop this threat. Meanwhile, Roxas and Xion are beginning to work in the missions and become friends.
Xemnas begins to varcollare when no less than 5 members are eliminated at Castle Oblivion, and Naminè escapes from control. He then orders the same Axel Xion to stop every time I tried to escape this and always to Axel order to find the mysterious Room of Awakening at Castle Oblivion, by posting, unsuccessfully, several times the number VIII there.
Xemnas also order its members to create powerful Heartless to defeat Roxas. Xaldin, for example, he was trying to become the Beast a Heartless. But Roxas begins to have serious doubts and questions about the organization and its existence and as soon as Xion leave the Organization, Roxas follows her.
Afterwards Xion, with a ploy convinces Roxas to eliminate it so that he could not Xemnas to absorb Roxas by Xion to perfect his clone. But shortly before his death, Xion tells Roxas true Organization plans and how it is serving Xemnas of all to get to Kingdom Hearts. Roxas, angry and sad even World That Never Was but here is attacked and defeated by Riku and was then taken by DiZ located in Virtual Twilight.

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

The leader appears then with the remaining members (Xigbar, Xaldin, Saïx, Demyx and Luxord) to the dark fortress where it appears first, and, shrugging his arms, recalls the other members, who will then reveal for the first time in Sora (not counting the events forgotten by the guy in the Castle Oblivion).

It appears then during the Battle of the Thousand Heartless, where he takes advantage of the enormous army of Heartless created by Maleficent to get more hearts for Kingdom Hearts, here, Xemnas shows his face and, after talking to Sora ' abyss Dark , vanishes in a Hall of Darkness and Mickey follows him.
Xemnas, will also visit the Room of Sleep, hidden under the Factory Heartless . The leaders will also be included in the Organization's meetings.
Xemnas appears then to the World That Never Was, where waits for Kingdom Hearts is complete, here, when Ansem the Wise interfere with Kingdom Hearts using its Encoder, will appear Xemnas and Ansem insult telling him he is consumed with envy for the ' a student who has passed, but Ansem ribatterà telling him that is a ignorant and that his Kingdom Hearts would be just an ignorance empire and then explode with its encoder.
Finally, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Mickey and Kairi join him on 'Altar of Nothing' 'and teleports Xemnas with Sora in an arena full of nothingness floating, with' 'Skyscraper of Memory' 'as I recall.
Defeated, Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts will ask to lend his power and, with the power of the latter, will create a world much like the World That Never Was, with a huge floating fortress at the center, Sora and the others, thanks to a door created by Xemnas worlds to reach, enter it and the member number I will send on a skyscraper, they'll schiveranno but the impact will create a pressure wave that will send out the door Mickey and Kairi, but Sora, Riku, Donald and Goofy riecono to rise on this fortress and defeat Xemnas in its form from knight and then go back to all Castle That Never Was.
Xemnas appears defeated, and Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey and Kairi reach the Destiny Island through a Corridor of Darkness opened by Naminé, but Sora and Riku will fail to reach out to others as the hall will close and Xemnas, turned into a dragon, will attack again.
The Castle That Never Was will be destroyed, and Sora and Riku will throw in a last battle against Xemnas and, after destroying his dragon, they will teleport with the two heroes in a strange dimension where, in a white dress and black representing light and dark, but it will be defeated again and destroyed.


  1. Xemnas is the last member to receive an English translation of his title. The opening movie of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days listed every member's title in the Japanese version, but these were not included in the English version until Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX.

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