Origin Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Home World Castle Oblivion
Other Residences The World That Never Was
Katakana シオン
Romaji Shion
English Voice
Alyson Stoner (Days, 1.5 HD ReMIX)
Hayden Panettiere (BbS, DDD)
Japanese Voice
Risa Uchida

Xion, the Nobody, is the number XIV of Organization XIII. It is actually a copy of Roxas created by the memories of Sora, therefore does not have a throne in the Organization, and it is not even considered a real member from the others in the group. It had simply been created by Xemnas if Roxas had not proved useful for his plan.


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysEdit

Xion is introduced nell'Organizzation a week after the arrival of Roxas. When Axel is sent on a mission to Castle Oblivion, Roxas was given the task of looking after Xion and, over time, the two make friends. Xion reveals that it too is able to use the Keyblade, and when Roxas goes into a coma, Xion looks after him. After discovering that Sora and Riku had eliminated the members dispatched to Castle Oblivion (except Axel) Roxas, Axel and Xion are starting to spend more time together, eating together even the Ice Cream Sea Salt.

However, a lot of split three events: while Diz and Namine keep an eye Sora, Roxas begins to ask questions about why he can wield the Keyblade and what you really want the Organization. Axel is reprimanded by his superiors the friendship that has made with Roxas and Xion and Xion is thrown into chaos after a confrontation with Riku who asked her who she was and why he could wield the Keyblade and, at the suggestion of Riku, Xion leave the Organization in search of his true itself to merge with him. Xion travels with Riku for several days before being captured and put back in the Organization by Axel. However, the recovery of memories of Naminè of Sora is soon interrupted when Xion begins to quickly absorb, causing Roxas weakening but potenziandosi, as predicted by Xemnas. After his departure the Organization, Xion comes into contact with Naminè in Old Villa of Twilight Town where he discovers d be nothing but an imperfect replica of Roxas based on the memories of Sora, a replica that Xemnas would use if his plan to exploit Roxas had failed. Naminè also told Xion that the process to awaken Sora is not just Roxas but Xion. Accepting the reality, Xion wants to meet Sora but DiZ intervenes, saying that there is a member of the Organization that followed. It is Axel who has been given the order to bring Xion Organization because, perhaps, it would also return Roxas. Xion refuses, however, to come back and the two face off, Axel defeats and shows Organization. Shortly after Roxas finds Xion to Twilight Town station and this tells him, by stratagem, who wants to absorb Roxas, they fight and are teleported into 3 worlds (Wonderland, the Halloween Town, and Agrabah) during which Xion It transforms in its first embodiment, second embodiment and third embodiment. At the end of hard fighting, Xion is defeated, but before dying asks Roxas to defeat Xemnas and prevent him from carrying out his plan. Having done this, Xion disappears into the arms of Roxas, without leaving her track.

Other appearancesEdit

Xion also appears in dark moments (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It is framed along with Roxas and Axelat Twilight station, while the two evoke the name of Sora. However, this is a symbolic scene, to reiterate that Sora is now the key to everything, because his fate will depend on those of Roxas and Xion, as other characters.

It also appears in Birth by Sleep -Volume Two- (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix), only in passing and always in Roxas company.

It also appears in one of the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance trailer, pointing his keyblade against Roxas.

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